Rock Me... Roll Me... Duel Me All Night Long!

Duel is a ROCK BAND based in the Sioux Falls, SD area.
They play covers of the very best 80's and 90's ROCK!
Plus they have their own AWESOME original songs too!

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My love for Rock & Roll started way back in my middle school days. Ever since then my journey led me to start the Band “Duel” with some kick-ass brothers. I’m currently in college and can play drums, guitar, bass and piano. I’ve been singing many, many genres from country to pop and, of course, rock & roll! I study classical music in my free time, as well. I always learn new things about all kinds of music and, having been coached by Dee Snider of Twisted Sister before, I’ve learned many ways to drive our fans crazy! I also enjoy running and staying in great shap to keep the crowd on their feet and rockin'! 

Thank you, John and Heidi, my parents, and everyone who supports our journey! We love you all! Let’s do it! “The boys and I work very hard, individually, and as a group. My favorite part of rocking with the boys on stage is seeing the crowd’s reaction. When you show them something they’ve never seen before, you definitely know they will be talking about it Monday Morning to their friends at work!”

Duel “The Lion” Shape

Bret is the bass player.... he's the NEWEST member of Duel,

Bret Werpy

“Wild Kyle” Dowling

Kyle is an amazing guitar player, but he started in the band as a drummer when Sam was gone serving our country in the military. Kyle's love for music can be fully appreciated by watching him tear up the guitar on each and every song. His guitar solos are fun to watch.

Sam is the drummer for the band. He is a graduate of Centerville High School. Sam is also a veteran and currently, serves in the National Guard.

Sam is a versatile musician. In addition to the drums, Sam has played bass for Duel and can be found "out front" at several shows to give his voice the spotlight on a few songs. 

Sam "I Am" Di Vito

If you get some great video or photos at a show PLEASE SHARE THEM with us on our facebook page! We may even feature your video or photo on our website! Thanks for your interest in DUEL!

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